Echo Color Doppler
Image the shape, size and movement of the heart valves and chambers. Doppler cardiogram helps measure the speed and direction of blood flow in the heart. Through this you can understand and monitor the function of your heart.

Echo Color Dopple ECG
Detect your heart’s electrical rhythm. The rhythm is traced in the form of waves. These waves suggest the condition of your heart. If the waves are not consistent then there are probabilities of heart disease.

The main purpose of Tread Mill Stress Test is to determine the effect of exercise on Heart. This helps with the detection if coronary artery diseases or irregular heart rhythm.

Holter Monitoring
Holter monitoring is a small device that detects any irregularities in your heart rhythm. For male patients chest hair must be shaved and is advised to take bath before the procedure starts. Number of hours patient has wear the holter monitor is determined by the doctor.


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