MCKV Health & medicare provides unique health packages for everyone irrespective of age and discipline.

Executive Health Check Up

Avail both diagnostic and pathology test at an affordable price. Get your complete blood profile along with other tests.

Executive Health Check                                                                  Rs 3000/-
Blood sugar F & PP Creatine Blood Group
Complete Haemogramme Uric Acid Thyroid Profile
Liver Function Test Phosphorus ECG
Lipid Profile RA Factor Chest X-Ray (PA View)
Urea ASO Titre USG Whole Abdomen
Urine Routine Examination

Heart Check

Get your heart checked at the diagnostic center in Liluah and avail advices at out Heart check up clinic.

Heart Check                                                                                         Rs 5500/-
Complete Haemogram Uric Acid Lipid Profile X-Ray of Chest PA view
Blood grouping & Rh Typing Liver Function Test ECG USG of Whole Abdomen
Sugar Fasting & Post Prandial Urine Routine Examination TMT Dietician’s Advice
Urea and Creatinine Stool Routine Examination Echocardiogram Consultation with Cardiologist

Diabetic Health Check

Best blood test center to get your diabetic profile done at a very affordable price.

Diabetic Health Check                                                                       Rs 4000/-
Complete Haemogram Lipid Profile ECG (Resting) Urine Morning SPOT sample for Microalbumine & Creatinine
Sugar Fasting & Post Prandial Liver Function Test X-Ray of Chest PA view Consultation with Diabetologist
Blood grouping & Rh Typing Urine Routine Examination USG of Whole Abdomen Dietician’s Advice
Urea and Creatinine Stool Routine Examination HbA1C (Glycosylated Haemoglobin) Lifestyle Counseling
Uric Acid

Well Woman Health Check

Pathology lab in Howrah which will give complete check up for women of every age.

Well Women Health Check                                                                Rs 2750/-
Urine RE X-Ray Chest ECG
Complete Blood Count USG Lower Abdomen Screening TSH
ESR Glucose Fasting/ Random Consultation with Doctor
Pap Smear

Child Health Check

Don’t fuss, get your child’s diagnostic and pathology tests done all at one go.

Child Health Check                                                                             Rs 800/-
Complete Blood Count Blood Group Urine RE
ESR X-Ray Chest Mantoux Test

Premarital Health Check

Diagnostic and pathology test for unmarried women at a very affordable price. get your complete health mapping done.

Premarital Health Check                                                                   Rs 3500/-
Complete Blood Count VDRL Urine RE
Blood Group HIV USG Pelvic Screening (Female)
Glucose Random/ Fasting HbsAg HB Electrophoresis (HPLC)

Senior Citizen Health Check

We are here to protect you in your old age. Just come to us and get diagnosed at an affordable rate.

Senior Citizen Health Check                                                              Rs 2500/-
Complete Blood Count Urine RE ECG
Glucose Fasting/ Random Creatinine Echo SCR/ USG W/A SCR
Blood Pressure X-Ray Chest Pap Smear (Female)/ PSA (Male)


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